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Steps to Building a Network Marketing Empire

Social media

When many people start a network marketing business, they turn to social media to announce to their contacts what they are engaged in. The reason social media is not successful in lead generation is inconsistency. Most people assume that they will get conversions based on the random posts and comments they post. The content is also not carefully thought out and this does not speak to the customers directly. Do not be misled into buying leads because you will be wasting a lot of money talking to people who do not even know you. It is better to subscribe to a content generation application that allows you generate marketing content then sends updates and posts on your business even as you sleep.


Blogging is the new channel that businesses now use to communicate to their customers. It however requires patience and consistency for a blog to pick up and start generating substantial leads. As a network marketer, you can focus on your brand or the idea of running your own home based business. Most leading network marketers are testimony to the fact that blogging works because they got interest in this line of business from blogs.


Research has shown that video posts now have more audience than text content. If you want to get a practical picture of the reality of this just compare views on a YouTube video versus likes on the transcribed content posted on Facebook. Though we must admit that text content definitely has an audience, video is more popular with the young. The lead conversion for videos is 70% so this is definitely something to invest in.

The internet makes network marketing a successful home based business for anyone who is connected to the web. You can either choose one channel to promote your business but you will get more leads if you combine all the three steps.