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Effective Usage of Magnetic Business Cards

Magnetic business card – it’s not just a cardboard with contact information but a strategic weapon in the fight for the useful contacts and at the same time an effective tool for moving up the career ladder. If at the end of the last century printed business card was a status symbol business person, today it is – an integral element of business communication, a currency that regulates the exchange of information. Each letter and number on the advertising space of printed magnetic business card has to be in the right place and have some meaning behind it. First-class printed magnetic business cards are able not only to show contact information, but also to leave a pleasant impression, so when somebody will stumbled onto the card one month later, the only thought would be: “This is the specialist that I need!”.

A professional who doesn’t have printed business card, is like a person without clothes on, because it is a carrier of the image which in any case cannot be neglected. Excess is the enemy of the good business cards, but at the same time saving the ink is not an option either. In addition to the name and position, it is necessary to specify the essentials: the postal address and e-mail, company website and contact numbers. Experts advise not to keep the back of the card blank: it is useful for placement of graphic elements, such as a company logo, additional information etc. Among the mistakes of magnetic business card holders is the choice of low-quality material and poor print quality. The potential customer must see that money and time was invested in this product.

Modern technologies allow you to go beyond the available 45 square centimeters. So, with the help of special matrix codes printed on the business card, you can send the other party not only the additional text, and links to the company’s official website but also a personal page in the business social media, or portfolio. One of the most well-known two-dimensional barcodes – QR-code (Quick Response). The only requirement is a smartphone with a special app installed. You can easily create your own unique code by using special websites. Technologies that are available to owners of smartphones can ease the process of exchange of printed business cards significantly. There is a lot of applications that allow you to store business contacts in memory of the electronic device. One photo for a card and there is no need to carry a chubby business card holder.

Experts recommend not to use more than three different colors on one printed magnetic business card. Magnetic business card must not become a flashy brochure. At the same time, you can experiment with various options, especially if you are targeting a different target groups. The main goal is for your name not to get lost among the “loser-cards.”