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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Ways Landing Pages can build Business

What Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Landing Pages to Aide their Marketing Efforts

For many entrepreneurs and business owners, the online marketing scene can very confusing and overwhelming. All that marketing terminology that’s constantly being thrown out there on a daily basis is enough to make one pull the covers over their head and hope it all just goes away.

It can be tough to get up to speed and learn the lingo well enough to be able to make informed decisions on whether your business could benefit from the latest and greatest marketing techniques available or not.

That’s always been my goal with writing these business-related articles – to help you get the clarity you need to be able to move forward in an informed way.

So today’s article shares some insights into landing pages.

Landing pages got their name from marketing campaigns that were designed to drive targeted people to a specific page on a website with the intention of converting them to do something.

That “something” is detailed later in this article but first, let’s explore what they are.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is simply a website page, but it looks different from a typical website. The difference being it has a primary focus – a single “call to action” or focused objective the site owner wants its visitors to do.

So a well-designed landing page will not have any distractions on it like a navigation or links to other pages or websites. The primary reason for this is to keep the visitor focused on that main objective: take action.

This is commonly referred to as “conversion” where the person has converted from being a visitor to someone that has acted on the objective call to action.

There are two primary types of landing pages: Click Through and Lead Generation.

The click-through landing pages have a goal of persuading the visitor to click through to another page. This is often done in eCommerce situations where a campaign will send people to a click-through landing page and provide compelling details about a specific product or program and then display a button that will lead people to purchase that item.

Lead generation landing pages are used to capture the name, email address and perhaps other pertinent information from the user so it can be entered into a database list. That database list, which is typically stored in a newsletter platform service, can then be used to follow up with those people either through an Auto Responder series, newsletter sendouts or various promotional campaigns.

Why You Should Use Landing Pages

Landing pages serve a great purpose when wanting to generate leads and sales for your business. As already mentioned, they provide a no-distraction means to get specific people who are in your ideal target market to get into your marketing funnel.

This marketing funnel can help you develop a “Know, Like and Trust” factor with these people using the follow-up strategies mentioned above.

The more they know, like and trust you, the more apt they are to purchase from you either now or later down the road.

Landing pages are typically used in conjunction with launches or ongoing list-building efforts by driving traffic to the page via Google, Facebook and other ad platforms, content marketing and social media promotions.

To really give your launches a big boost, you can use list segmentation and ad targeting to a variety of landing pages designed for specific audiences.

Ways of Using Landing Pages

Here’s a brief list of ways you can use landing pages to help boost your business:

  1. Offer a free giveaway such as a downloadable PDF eBook, checklist, report or workbook. You could also make it a video series to really captivate your audience.
  2. Ask users to participate in a Quiz or Survey. The responses will reveal a solution or explanation to a problem that showcases your expertise
  3. Create an event sign-up page for an upcoming webinar, teleseminar or even telesummit
  4. Offer a free consultation for the professional services you offer
  5. Promote a new or existing product or program that you’re offering
  6. Offer a free chapter in a book launch/promotional campaign
  7. Set up a free trial offer for a membership program
  8. Provide incentive for people to ask for a quote
  9. When compelling enough, a simple newsletter signup request can bypass the need for a free giveaway
  10. Provide informative case studies or white papers
  11. Offer limited-time-only coupons or special offers
  12. Have them enter a contest
  13. Compel people to sign up to receive “sneak peak” notifications of a future product or program launch.

Tips to follow a Video Production Company

Look for A Specialist: Distinctive organizations arrive in a huge number of different structures. By and large, they are pros in a specific sort of video or division e.g. Corporate Video generation. For the most part, the more experience a video generation organization has in your market, the less convoluted it is for you to impart your objectives crosswise over to them. An expert organization will be very much set to create a video for your intended interest group. Much of the time, setting aside the opportunity to search for a master organization is time well spent.

Acquire Samples and References: A reputation means a considerable measure. Organizations with an incredible portfolio and customer list are for the most part a more secure choice. The happy customers an organization has as much as possible is a great achievement. Demand that the Production company demonstrates to you the most recent 3-5 preparations they’ve finished inside the cited spending plan, before calling those customers to perceive what they think about your video generation company and their new video.

Prepare A Production Brief: A production script is only a diagram of what you need as far as a video; a rundown of rules for a video maker to work from. A broad rundown, about a page long, is frequently all that could possibly be needed to start. Without this concise, organizations will think that it’s difficult to furnish you with a correct quote.

Get A Clear Quote: Your organization ought to dependably be prepared to deliver a point by point cite for free; it’s basic. You ought to ensure that everything is incorporated into this quote and know about any additional items in the small print.

Check the Production Team: If you like a specific video, ask for/demand that the organization utilize the same imaginative and creation group on your video also. The skill and experience of the generation group will majorly affect the inventiveness and creation estimations of your video.

Endorse Re-Writes and Re-Edits: Based on whether you have agreed on something else, the privilege to re-alter the video and re-draft the script ought to be standard practice until it’s effective, right and to the point. These are essential chances to give input and improve your video in the way you might want. The onus will be on you to give any indispensable criticism inside the time or you will postpone the generation of your video.

Acquire Copyright Ownership: Your video’s copyright is extremely profitable and being the proprietor of it will permit you to abstain from paying your organization more cash, as you can convey it to the huge number of online distribution channels yourself.

Arrange A Deadline: If in case you need your video to be set aside a few minutes, demand a written document mentioning the date of video completion and final submission, that incorporates punishments for unsuitable defers that weren’t your blame. Ensure that your agreement ensures that your project won’t get neglected in view of another project being embraced by the video creation organization.

Different Levelheaded Restaurant Marketing

In the time what went before when the technology was not much advanced, it was common for restaurateurs to implement certain off-the-wall marketing techniques viz. advertising in the yellow pages, or giving out of flyers. Purchasing ads in local newspapers as well as radio or television commercials are some other prominent Restaurant Marketing Plan too that restaurateurs will typically think about. While some of these techniques are still in usage to a certain extent, quite a lot of innovative and even more cost-effective techniques can be used to make the restaurant marketing campaign a sheer success.

Using traditional methods in today’s cutthroat times will pose a plenty of disadvantages and will pour cold water on your restaurant marketing campaign and therefore the use will be of no avail. The aspects that must be dealt with are there is a time holdup involved before any results can be observed, and the results are very tricky to put a figure on.

It is a far-fetched idea for restaurateurs to place advertisements in the media and look ahead to witnessing results right away. While the time lag feature is built-in in different procedures of restaurant marketing, there are varieties of methods that will help you remarkably in monitoring and gauging results. Also, these can be implemented for more convenience.

Your restaurant marketing strategy must take in a weighty element of social networking. One of the most popular and successful restaurant marketing ideas that can be implemented in the marketing techniques for your restaurants is to convince your visitors and customers to post reviews about your services on the internet. There is a mass of restaurant review sites on the internet and you can offer great discounts to your customers for posting reviews on some well-known sites such as Google+, Facebook etc.

The reviewing method is very helpful, since this way, your targeted clients or customers get a glimpse of your services while conducting a research or trying to find information about service providers. Diners no longer simply pay a visit to a restaurant. Irrespective of the reason, they now feel obliged to inform others that they have paid a visit to the restaurant, and will typically delve into details to become a reviewer to inform others of their experience, by giving an account of the meals, price rates and the services. By writing reviews at the review sites, your potential customers are given a reminiscent of your business, making it one of the more cost-effective and smart Restaurant Marketing strategies.

Ways get Success for Brand Through Bulk SMS Marketing

Flexibility and Speed:

All brands need to be geared to respond to the ease of the advanced business world, as adaptability and flexibility are important to responding to the continually changing market situations. With the bulk messaging marketing, campaigns can be considered and conveyed to their intended target audience within few minutes.

Open Rates

98% of all messages are opened by the recipient and within a fraction of seconds. It sounds great. Isn’t it? However, when compared to the open rate of email. Also, the way that of those messages that are really opened the normal open time on these is around forty-eight hours. So in the event that you need to ensure that your SMS is seen by the recipients in your marketing database.

Low Cost

Newspaper ads, TV commercials and almost all forms of outdoor advertising cost prohibitive for most small to medium sized businesses. Bulk SMS marketing, on the other hand, has such low set up and running costs that campaigns can be launched and executed for a tiny fraction of the costs associated with the more traditional marketing methods.


TV ads, newspaper ads and all types of open air publicizing are cost restrictive for most little to medium estimated organizations. Mass SMS advertising, then again has such low set up and running costs that battles can be propelled and executed for a little portion of costs related to the more customary showcasing techniques.


SMS can be customized to the and send to the recipient within some seconds. They can likewise be customized in light of the customer’s past purchasing behavior. It can be based on demographics as well as based on stores. To attempt and accomplish this level of customization in some other type of promoting would be costly. With bulk SMS, it should be possible for no additional cost and additionally have an interestingly powerful effect on the recipient.

Regularity Matters:

While doing SMS marketing you need to understand that you shouldn’t flood your customer’s inbox with plenty of messages every month. It will make your customer angry and will unsubscribe from the service. You shouldn’t leave it too long without sending messages, customers may forget you in this case. For this, you need to maintain a regular pattern. Follow a weekly or monthly pattern to send SMS to your customer.